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Hiking… with a Twist

Getting outside is part of what Twisted Trails is all about. We were meant to be wild! And by wild, I mean that we were designed to thrive in nature. Our modern tendency is to insulate ourselves from nature, but that just pulls us down and saps us of an abundant source of joy.

Twisted Trails isn’t about beating you over the head for not getting into nature enough. It is my celebration of the resilience that going wild can bring. It is about my commitment to live up to the principles that I espouse in “Human Scale Happiness” and it is also my travelogue, if you will, of that journey – replete with pictures and videos.

If you come back often, I promise you won’t be bored. My goal is to pass on tips and tricks to help you increase your sense of happiness and well-being. That can be hard sometimes because happiness means something different to each of us. But there is a common thread. We all want to be fulfilled. We want to feel comfortable in our own skin. We want to feel connected, not only to each other but also to nature.

I’m here to be a constant source of encouragement for you to do just that, by sharing information, snaps and vids to inspire you, by making every day an adventure – making every day a thru-hike – searching out and finding the beauty of nature wherever it presents itself. Shinrin Yoku teaches that the forests outside of us call to the forest within. My heart’s journey is to seek out those forests and embrace them, daily.

Oh, and also to share the journey with you! That is my Twisted Trail…

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