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…from a common man

G. K. Chesterton once wrote that anything worth doing is worth doing badly. And so, in that spirit, I give you Uncommon Sense, a continuation of the blog I started back in 2007. Since then I have written under several different blog titles, but keeping track of them and trying to compartmentalize my thoughts into each one was beyond difficult, and I didn’t do any of them justice. The posts from all of those sites – the ones that I considered interesting, that is – now reside here alongside the original posts.

You will notice as you progress through the blog, that it contains a fair amount of posts on hiking and bicycling. You’re welcome. If you delve into John Senior’s works to any depth, you’ll know why I do it, why I post it, and why you should care. 

Just for clarification, I use the title “Uncommon Sense” tongue-in-cheek. If common sense is uncommon in our day, it still belongs to the common man. In that vein, maybe uncommon sense is not something you should pursue with any great amount of passion. I make no great claim to holiness, in fact, I’m a wretch most of the time, difficult to get along with, and no great prize as a husband or as a father.

But I cannot move into the future without pursuing that which has been pressing on my heart for some time. Magnificent cathedrals have been built by broken men with stooped backs and missing fingers. Maybe I’ll get to be part of creating something of a lasting impact. Probably not, but referring back to Chesterton, I believe it is worth a shot. So, if you come back here regularly, you will see the blog posts addressing ways in which we can help bring about the Restoration of Christian Culture, as envisioned by John Senior in his book of that name. That is why I’m here, and perhaps that’s while you’ll visit occasionally. In any case, welcome!

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